Best Service

We will work to provide an unique and high impact marketing strategy to realtors and distinctive property owners by adding an additional avenue to sell top real estate properties. Mayfair Auction is the proven link in providing exposure between realtors, estate owners and potential wealthy buyers.

Strategy & Planning

Based on our experience, we expect doctors, lawyers, politicians, investors, collectors, executives and local celebrities to attend this event. It will be professionally organized and meticulously monitored throughout the duration. Licensed security or the local police authority will professionally organize the parking. This extraordinary promotion brings a dramatic increase in showings of the property and can potentially generate several new offers.

Marketing Advantages

Mayfair Auction will promote your property through various marketing media such as; Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, newspapers, professional colored brochures mailed to high-net-worth individuals, signage, and other digital marketing strategies to reach as many people as possible. In addition, we send private invitations with property brochures to a group of select high profile and wealthy individuals and clients who are on our own exclusive mail list. The property would be the focal point in our ads with a photo of the home and an elaborate description included. The realtor and/or owner remain the contact person for all inquiries regarding the home.

Exclusive Products

Some of the art we typically feature is by and after artists such as: Marc Chagall, Renoir, Erte, Picasso, Tarkay, Neiman, Icart, Pissarro, Max, McKinght and others. Mayfair Auction also offers unusual museum quality and high value Persian & Oriental rugs, jewelry and rare coins, etc. The people attending our auctions are affluent buyers and high profile individuals who are able to afford these high-ticket items. Our promotions therefore provide phenomenal exposure for your property to this group of wealthy buyers.

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